Gretta Blackhammer

Dwarven Mercenary


A tall Dwarven woman, skilled with crossbows. Her height lets her pass as a short, heavy built human with only minor effort. Almost always seen with Arjak, a small Kobold.


Gretta stands just shy of 5 feet, rather tall by Dwarven standards. She has bright red hair, usually worn in a long braided pony tail. She dresses in a suit of black studded leather armor, complete with a leather helm that covers much of her face down to her nose. She carries a crossbow and a pair of hatchets when expecting trouble, but otherwise prefers to rely on numerous hidden weapons to gain an element of surprise.

Gretta cares for Arjak, a small brain damaged Kobold. Arjak’s family was killed by a particularly savage tribe of Orcs, and he was taken by them as child and abused much of his life until Gretta saved him. He grows nervous in the company of strangers, and to keep him from having fits that may harm himself or others, she often has to resort to keeping him on a leash as the Orcs did.

Gretta has been an outcast among her people for the last 15 years for passing judging and sentencing an Orc war band without proper authority. Though her actions were considered just and the raiders would have likely faced a sentence of execution from a tribunal, she overstepped her power as a common soldier by executing them herself. Atoning would be a minor matter,restoring her status and most of her honor, but she has refused on the basis that she stands by her decision. She considers any atonement for her crimes a dishonesty, and thus a violation of Truth. Gretta now makes her living as a small time mercenary, though she is picky about her jobs.

The Blackhammer clan is known for superior weapon smithing, particularly in crossbows and other mechanical weapons. Though their skills have not diminished, many consider their specialized weapons novelties, not fit for actual warfare. Certainly, many of their spring loaded blades are considered dishonorable among soldiers, though they are prized by many human adventurers. Rumors abound that they are a primary weapon supplier for the Shadows.

Gretta Blackhammer

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